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Sell more, build meaningful relationships with your customers and manage everything your team needs to meet their goals. From one single place, in multiple devices and without spending a small fortune each month.

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Easy setup

Mobizy is a cloud-based web and mobile app with zero-setup and zero-maintenance. You just sign-up, invite your co-workers and start working on what matters immediately.


Everybody is synced

Mobizy helps teams to collaborate better by keeping important information in one single, easy to access place, allowing you to work even if you’re offline.


Reclaim productivity

With one single app, switching between apps becomes a thing of the past, and it’s easier for everyone to stay focused on the task at hand and work together.

Everyday heroes.

just like you.



You have no time to waste, so you instantly fall in love with tools that give you an overview about what’s going on in your business, and make quicker and better decisions.

Favourite business modules:
Tasks, Expenses, Contacts, Team Calendar.



Clients smiling and money flowing, that’s your mantra. You love to lead your team to exciting new deals, so anything that make it easier is always a welcomed bonus.

Favourite business modules:
Clients, OrdersMessages, and Team Tasks.



You are on the field doing stuff for your clients. You need a tool to tame your daily schedule, keep information updated, and collaborate with you team.

Favourite business modules:
Field Services, Messages, Team Calendar and Tasks



Your days are spreadsheets, emails and phone calls with the team. You need a tool that allow you to keep the company running and spare you from working overtime.

Favourite business modules:
Vacations, ExpensesMessages, Timeclock.
  • Managers can use charts to see if there are pending requests.
  • Need to keep track of time? Just push check-in to start.
  • See what needs to be done, and who's doing it.
  • Check the dashboard to know how field services are being distributed.
  • Use your dashboard to better manage everybody tasks, including your own.
Since its beginnings, Dermworks has been looking for a software solution that was simple to use, low maintenance, affordable and without any type of binding contracts, all of which was easily found with Mobizy.

Nuno Oliveira, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at Dermworks

nuno oliveira - dermworks - partner
Nuno OliveiraDermworks

Size doesn’t matter

Starting at $5 user/month, Mobizy offers you an affordable, all-in-one business app especially designed for teams of all sizes and shapes which are focused on making their business grow.

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Work first, sync later

Being offline it’s not a big deal. Mobizy saves all your work and lets you sync everything later, which is awesome for working on-the-go, or when you don’t have immediate access to internet.

“Bring your own device”

Since Mobizy works on web and mobile (Android/iOS), you don’t need to spend more on new devices for your team (unless, of course, everyone is nagging you to get the latest iPhone).

Forget (boring) details

Setup and maintenance? We got you covered: do your thing, while our team works non-stop to update the app as needed, in order to provide you with a streamlined, hickup-free experience.