Technology is a means,
not an end

It should be used to foster positive transformations in businesses and in the way people work, not disrupting it or making people’s lives miserable.

over 25.000 users.

Over 80 different countries.


We believe that businesses, and people everywhere, should have access to all the information tools they need to be more productive, competitive and overall happy. That’s why Mobizy was created: to give everyone the opportunity to use a free, easy to use and fitted to their needs enterprise-grade business app.


Mobizy is a TEKEVER Group spin-off. TEKEVER develops leading edge technologies and ground breaking products worldwide, combining mobile technologies, wireless communications, location awareness, distributed computing, and artificial intelligence for the Enterprise, Aerospace, Defense and Security Markets.

Mobizy won the United Nations WSA (World Summit Award) mobile Global Champion 2015,
in the m-Business & Commerce category.

(yay, us!)

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