• Use the dashboard to manage orders and customer info.
  • A visual aid to know the status of every order.
  • Quickly edit product details and check how much demand they're generating.
  • Product and price information, order items and order history, all in one single place.
  • Establishing and keeping up with goals is important to better manage your team.
  • Check how much your earnings are, and which orders need your immediate attention.


Track your orders from customer request to delivery and know exactly who’s taking care of it, delivering faster and keeping your customers happy.

Use Orders for:

    • Track order status and deal with one-off situations at the speed of light;
    • Keep your inventory updated, to ensure quick delivery and customer satisfaction;
    • Manage your products and services offer, optimizing sales team’s workflows to better achieve your goals;
    • Ensure that your sales team is focused on the right tasks and you always know their status in real-time, by integrating Orders with other Mobizy apps.
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