MOBIZY: the right business tool to get the job done.

Tear down barriers that may keep you from being more productive and competitive,
with an easy to use, FREE and multi-device business app.

this is how we do it:

creating value for you.

Our mission is to give you the right business tools, so you can be even more productive and competitive. Get more done without worrying with technicalities, and be 100% focused on what really matters: creating more value for your customers, your business and yourself.


Switching between different apps, or learning how to use them, are major time-wasters. Mobizy has everything you need in one place and a smooth learning curve, letting you (even if you are a first-time user) getting things done instantly.


Tons of features that nobody really uses, that are nothing but an extra cost? Reality check: you don’t need that! Choose what will solve your business problems, who’ll use it and start using it – that’s exactly what Mobizy offers you for FREE.


Nobody likes to pay for things that they don’t really use, hidden costs or lock-in techniques. Since we bet that you totally agree with us, enjoy Mobizy totally free for teams up to 15 people.



Being offline it’s not a big deal: Mobizy saves all your work and lets you sync it later. This is awesome for working on-the-go, and for those who don’t have immediate access to internet connections (or only to slow ones).


Uber-productive on-the-go guys (and gals) worry about getting the work done from anywhere, not if their devices are compatible to those used in their companies – that’s why Mobizy runs in multiple devices, supported by the major platforms.


The future is always near and we’re always ready for it. Forget about upgrades or technology shifts. Instead, focus on what you do best: close those deals, finish those orders and complete tasks, while Mobizy is always running up-to-date.

Are you ready to put your business ahead of the competition?

Enterprise Mobility,


Business Mobile Apps are trending. They are key for business transformation and management paradigm shifts; however, they’re still out-of-reach for many SMEs, because of costs or complexity. That’s why Mobizy is here: to bring something (really) new to Enterprise Mobility as a Service (EMaaS), and give you a FREE and easy way to improve you business.

Most of the available solutions are crappy, especially when you don’t have tons of IT people or money to spend.

Software IS yesterday’s news

No more broken deadlines and long nights spent installing and battling to setup software on all your company’s computers. Do you know how to install a game on your smartphone? Installing Mobizy is that simple.

Infrastructure IS the past

No more servers, cables, backups or expensive maintenance services. Need to get things done? You simply have to launch Mobizy from your smartphone, tablet or computer. No internet connection? Not a problem, do your stuff and sync later.

Developing custom apps is a living hell, and the final product is usually less useful than expected.

apps aren’t a chore

Forget about endless manuals, dealing with developers for too much too long, or useless bug-ridden software left in a corner. Developed with ease of use and industry best practices in mind, Mobizy lets you start from day one to get things done.

Future-proof is the only way

Never worry again that your freshly installed, expensive software just became out-of-date. Mobizy upgrades itself in the background (on all platforms), freeing your mind for more important and profitable things.

Available “Mobile App Platforms” are just software development platforms in disguise, expensive and complex to setup and use.

Bring your own device

Don’t worry about operative systems: Mobizy runs natively on every major platform (iOS, Android and Web App). Use it on your device, and sync everything with your team, even if they’re on a different platform.

Mobile is a commodity

Mobizy runs seamlessly on your computer and on your mobile devices. When you have internet access, it syncs automatically all your business data with your team members; when you don’t, all your work is saved and later synced when you’re connected.

The best m-Business and Commerce app